Thursday, 26 February 2009

Disabled traveller.

I have plans to go to Paris soon. The planning for long distance travel is a lot harder since the wheelchair. I think I may get a new mobile first but its all a question of cash really. Its bad enough that the euro is high as it is. What has happened to the pound? Banks failing everywhere and money is not looking good. Its as if I am not supposed to go anywhere. The thing is... Its only since I was retired off on the sick that the banks have gone down hill. Yes I did work in a bank. And No I didn't work in a field that would make any difference to the current economic state but I do have a feeling that it is all my fault some how.

All in all that just makes me want to do it more! Who say's I can't? I am off to do some planning.

Stay well,

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Got a Visitor counter!!!

I can now count you guys. Well the numbers anyway.I can't stop people reading but I can count you... Hmmm.

Infamy, infamy, they all have it in-for-me!

The old ones are the best ain't they. I think I better write something then... Maybe.

Stay well,

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

How we miss the simple things like blogging and the Glenn Close release.

I have been here before. The start of a new blog and working out what to say, why. Who will read and why. My last blog stopped with a weird air. A feeling of...'Oh'. I had a strange follower. A viewer that I DIDN'T WANT. The next door neighbor that was and is no more after I moved.(Maria!) Stalker doesn't cover. We are away from her now. Scary! Whoa!

Well lets start with why. Why the new blog. I still need the finger exercise and the brain release. I am very happy being married. I am happier being away from the madness of next door girl and Manchester inner city life. The general noise and Sargent pollution. Where we are now is better. We have a dog and my family is complete. I love my life here. Happy days.

This blog won't be about ms. There I said it! There is more to my life than that. Yes I still have it but I find I am over talking about it. I will mention on occasion when I have to go to hospital but that's it. I want to keep a record of thoughts and feelings. 'Slightly Emo Dave' I the cries from the back of my mind. No not that way. Just a record of daily diary and music hopefully. Some pictures of my life may turn up...may if I get the camera working.

So that's the first exercises and I am sure a step away from the World of Warcaft is a good thing. Lets see what comes up.

Stay well,