Wednesday, 11 February 2009

How we miss the simple things like blogging and the Glenn Close release.

I have been here before. The start of a new blog and working out what to say, why. Who will read and why. My last blog stopped with a weird air. A feeling of...'Oh'. I had a strange follower. A viewer that I DIDN'T WANT. The next door neighbor that was and is no more after I moved.(Maria!) Stalker doesn't cover. We are away from her now. Scary! Whoa!

Well lets start with why. Why the new blog. I still need the finger exercise and the brain release. I am very happy being married. I am happier being away from the madness of next door girl and Manchester inner city life. The general noise and Sargent pollution. Where we are now is better. We have a dog and my family is complete. I love my life here. Happy days.

This blog won't be about ms. There I said it! There is more to my life than that. Yes I still have it but I find I am over talking about it. I will mention on occasion when I have to go to hospital but that's it. I want to keep a record of thoughts and feelings. 'Slightly Emo Dave' I the cries from the back of my mind. No not that way. Just a record of daily diary and music hopefully. Some pictures of my life may turn up...may if I get the camera working.

So that's the first exercises and I am sure a step away from the World of Warcaft is a good thing. Lets see what comes up.

Stay well,

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